Flame retardant fabric_Flame retardant fabric_Cotton flame retardant fabric_Flame retardant fabric information platform Flame-retardant Fabric News After reading so many technical articles, why is it so difficult to implement in practice, and the effect is poor or even counterproductive?

After reading so many technical articles, why is it so difficult to implement in practice, and the effect is poor or even counterproductive?

In the past, in some textile journals and now in some online media, there are some experts in textile mill technology who selflessly share their experiences. Many of them are of ve…

In the past, in some textile journals and now in some online media, there are some experts in textile mill technology who selflessly share their experiences. Many of them are of very high level. I have read many of their articles. , I have benefited a lot. To this day, I also pay close attention to the updates of articles by certain seniors and learn from them.

But there may be many colleagues who feel like the expert just now. The article seems to make sense. Based on my own experience and feelings, the technical methods in the article should be correct and effective, but how can I use them in my own workshop? The effect is not good when tested, or the effect is good during the test, but the effect is not good during mass production; what’s more, the actual trial effect is opposite to the effect of the articles written by experts.

Actually, it’s not that the technical means mentioned in these experts’ articles are problematic, but that many experts have overlooked one thing.That is, every technical means has its prerequisites for implementation. .

This is the reason why the technical methods mentioned in articles written by experts have not achieved good results in their own spinning mills.

Give a very simple example:

Everyone should know very well that if the fine yarn roller is in good condition, the quality of the yarn will definitely be improved. However, there is a prerequisite for making the roller in good condition, which is the levelness of the frame. There are also prerequisites for the level of the rack, that is, there are no major problems with the rack itself and the ground is level.

Even in the process of trimming the roller state, the basic straightness of the entire roller is the most important prerequisite. The hollowing of the roller and the curvature trimming of the single-section roller are more important and are also the prerequisite for their detailed actions.

This simple example of Laura is easy for everyone to understand. You should be able to understand that technical means have prerequisites. Without the prerequisites in place, it is impossible for some technical means to achieve corresponding results. There is no tension wire when making the roller. Even if the bending is corrected and the dial indicator is used, the shape will be deformed very quickly.

The lack of satisfying prerequisites may cause some technical means to be effective when used on a small scale, but have no effect when used on a large scale for a long time, or some technical means cannot be used on the machine, or may cause malignant effects. Very big.

To give another example, the very popular compact yarn:

To achieve good compact spinning, there are really many prerequisites required, I will list them one by one.

Compact spinning is not very suitable for carding. There are too many impurities in carding and it is very easy to block the grid circles. Do you change the grid circles every three days? The labor and parts costs are very high.

The mesh ring must have an excellent cleaning method. If you use a washing machine to clean it like a leather ring, the effect will not be good, which will directly lead to a decrease in quality and high cost of accessories. Compact spinning requires a high level of maintenance of accessories.

Is ordinary sirospun ready? Is there any single root problem? If ordinary sirospun is not done well, how can compact sirospun be done well? The tight siro spinning will only amplify and make the existing problems of ordinary siro spinning more obvious, and it is impossible to make up for it.

Your ordinary combed ring spinning must be done well, at a level of about 25%. Otherwise, even if your compact ring spinning is made, it will not be sold at a good price. Some experts think that their own quality level is not good, and then use compact spinning transformation to improve the indicators, then nothing will happen. In fact, this is completely wrong. Ordinary combing is not done well. After using compact spinning, the index will be better, but it will bring more quality accidents. Moreover, at that time, your product will compete with other compact spinning, not with other compact spinning. There is no comparison with the original ordinary combed competition.

Compact spinning will cause a special kind of defective yarn. The CV value, details, thick places, and neps will suddenly soar a lot, and the values ​​are worse than carded. The reason for this is that some spinning mills It is caused by insufficient conditions to realize tight spinning.

Let’s talk about another cross-system example: spun yarn pressure rod

Spinning yarn pressure rods can significantly improve the spinning effect of spun yarns, but there are not many manufacturers that use spun yarn pressure rods well. Why is this?

As for the front-drive and rear-drive pressure rods of spun yarn, if you say installation, of course you can just install them, but it is really difficult to use them properly, especially when the front-drive pressure rod and the front and rear area pressure rods are used at the same time.

The rear-driven pressure rod is a little easier. You only need to choose the appropriate model and process, and then strengthen cleaning during operation, otherwise the yarn defects will increase very seriously.

The front drive pressure rod is troublesome. It consumes a lot of hard heads and rubber rings. This is the reaction of many manufacturers. The reason is that the various prerequisites are not up to standard. The state of the entire drafting front drive is very demanding, and the accuracy of the gauge. The difficulty of roving, the back-driving process, and the air-conditioning situation all have a great influence. This situation is obvious when the pressure rods in the front and rear areas are used at the same time. Therefore, experts may have seen manufacturers that use pressure rods in the front and rear areas on a large scale in air-conditioned environments.All are very good. This is one of the prerequisites for using the pressure rods in the front and rear areas, otherwise it will not work at all.

In the process of continuously improving the product quality and production output of the textile mill, I will use many technical means, but many times, the local colleagues of the textile mill I renovated will ask me, how come they have tried the same thing before? The methods they use themselves have no effect, but when I direct them to use them, the effect is great?

Actually, they only saw the decentralization and effect of this technical method, but did not see the conditions I prepared for this technical method. They also did not think about why the effect of this technical method was so obvious, but I did not use it from the beginning. Use it, but only use it after a month or two. That’s all to prepare enough prerequisites!

Sometimes, the local colleagues I coach will ask if I have any technical methods or moves that they don’t know. They are just common moves. Most of them have been used by them themselves or even used them all the time. A small number of them have been used by them before. Some of them have been used but not used well, and a small number of them have heard of them before, although they have never used them but they are relatively familiar with them. But why are these ordinary methods and moves very effective when used in my hands?

In fact, it is a matter of prerequisites for technical means

Any technical means has its prerequisites. In the process of improving the quality and output of textile mills, we must choose means and moves that have already met the prerequisites. Moreover, the effect of these means, in addition to improving quality, should provide prerequisites for higher technical means in the future. In this way Only in this way can the quality and output of the spinning mill be improved smoothly and quickly.

When I choose what technical means to use, I follow this principle, first choose the appropriate means according to the level, and at the same time build preparation conditions for the high-end means to be used later, then the natural effect will be significant.

Many seniors have higher standards than me. They have spent a lot of time in the same factory and have done a good job in all aspects of the textile factory. The indicators are very good. It takes me a year and a half to transform a new factory. The spinning mill does it well.

However, by taking into account the arrangement of every link and time point in the entire textile mill improvement process, and when to use what technical means, we can achieve the best improvement effect in the shortest time,This is the advantage of technicians like me who have successfully improved different spinning mills to over 5% levels many times.


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