Why are garment factories under increasing pressure?

The rent issue of garment factories has always troubled many garment factory owners, especially small garment factories. Due to the particularity of the garment industry, in additi…

The rent issue of garment factories has always troubled many garment factory owners, especially small garment factories. Due to the particularity of the garment industry, in addition to the daily expenses of garment factories, the rent of factory buildings is also increasing day by day. A headache.

Last year, CCTV reported that nearly 30% of small and medium-sized garment factories in Hangzhou were facing suspension of operations and bankruptcy due to excessive rent increases.

Recently, an incident in Guangzhou caused an uproar over the rent issue of a garment factory: the incident occurred in Dabu, Xinshi, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, which is also one of the gathering places for garment processing factories in Guangzhou. The owner of the garment factory held up a banner to protest against the skyrocketing rent, resulting in Factories cannot survive. The skyrocketing rent of factory buildings is one of the current difficulties of garment factories. Coupled with problems such as difficulty in recruiting workers this year, it is even worse. Garment factory owners should think deeply about how we can get out of this predicament and what is the road ahead. Factory Every factory is struggling to survive, trying every trick to have workers.

This is the result of vicious competition. The Garment City has the unique advantage of being close to the Textile City, attracting a large number of workers to open garment factories and make clothes! The overcrowding of migrant workers has led to rising rents. When there is no supply of goods in the off-season, factories choose to take holidays to reduce their burden. During the peak season, they raise prices with each other to recruit workers. Some people even add all their profits to the labor price to attract lathes when they are in urgent need of goods.

The consequence of doing so is to harm your peers and not yourself! And if the lathe worker makes five or six hundred here today and leaves tomorrow if he doesn’t make enough, you won’t be able to keep him! Also, because I feel unbalanced after selling for 500 or 600 yuan and then return to the normal price of 300 yuan or more, I have to keep looking outside for someone who can pay a high price to catch the goods.

Sometimes I just play for days if I can’t find it! Some even go so far as to play mahjong. The mahjong parlor here is full every day. As soon as I sit down at the mahjong table, parents and children forget all their responsibilities.

Therefore, the heart-stirring news that lathes can do hundreds of jobs a day is constantly being circulated among them, attracting more lathes to join the temporary labor force after leaving the factory! After delivering the goods, take the money and leave. Lose sense of responsibility and ignore quality. They lose their enterprising spirit and do not know how to improve their skills for survival. Just look for simple things to do and don’t do anything complicated!

Although there are some days during the year when the car price is hundreds of dollars a day, most of the time is spent waiting and playing. Therefore, those who can bring home money when they go home for the New Year at the end of the year are those who work hard and long-term! Although there is no amazing income every day, the most important thing is stability and longevity.

It’s just that under the vicious competition in the entire market, more than half of the lathes have joined the temporary labor force, and only a small half of them are sticking to their original aspirations. As a result, there is a lively scene on the recruitment road every morning. It seems prosperous and lively, but in fact the factory owner knows how well he is doing! It’s like a car that has lost its balance and stumbles, not knowing how far it can go!


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