urgent! This foreign trade scam is back! A local reminder has been issued!

A recent warning issued by Yiwu Public Security Bureau has attracted the attention of foreign trade people: On the morning of February 7, Mr. Ni, who operates sporting goods in the…

A recent warning issued by Yiwu Public Security Bureau has attracted the attention of foreign trade people:

On the morning of February 7, Mr. Ni, who operates sporting goods in the International Trade City, added a customer as a WeChat friend through a friend’s recommendation. The customer generously ordered RMB 210,000 worth of goods from Mr. Ni, but proposed to use a Hong Kong dollar account for transactions.

On the afternoon of February 8, the customer contacted Mr. Ni and said that he had transferred 360,000 Hong Kong dollars (equivalent to RMB 310,000) to the account provided by Mr. Ni. The extra RMB 100,000 was hoped that Mr. Ni would use RMB to help Send money to two other customers. Mr. Ni did not doubt his presence and agreed to help him remit the money.

On the morning of February 9, Mr. Ni checked his account balance and found that360,000 Hong Kong dollars had disappeared. At this time, the “customer” has lost contact.

Only then did Mr. Ni learn that the customer actually initiated the transfer using the check service of an overseas bank. If the transfer was not confirmed with the bank within 24 hours, the transferred funds would be withdrawn. Mr. Ni was defrauded of RMB 100,000.

Yiwu police remind: business operators should pay more attention when collecting money. After the overseas bank check business initiates a transfer, the account amount will increase accordingly, but it needs to be confirmed by the other party within 24 hours before the account is actually received. Domestic bank transfers can also be made within 24 hours. It can be withdrawn. It is safest to confirm with the bank. (Original text view: Emergency warning! Attention Yiwu market operators, someone has been infected…)

This scam is actually not new and we have warned about it many times before.

Pick up a few keywords:

Hong Kong account, commission (or payment on behalf of others), credit instead of credit.

Explain the key to this scam.

Usually scammers will pretend to be very talkative customers with no special requirements on price or products. They will place orders quickly and the whole process will not take more than a day. The only requirements are a Hong Kong account and a commission( Or the exchange requirements mentioned above).

Then the supplier’s account will receive a reminder of the arrival of a large amount of payment. At this time, the scammer begins to urge the exporter to pay the commission. Once the exporters who thought they had received the payment for their goods let their guard down and paid the commission, they immediately fell into the trap of the scammers.


Because in this process, the information gap used by scammers is the special financial system in Hong Kong – banks in Hong Kong distinguish between “receipt” and “debit”. Some transfers or checks are revocable. What you see is just a pending account, and the money has not actually been credited to your account.

The bank is verifying the money at this time, and the scammer will not let the money be transferred out, so the bank will verify that, for example, the signature on the check does not match, or there is no money in the remitter’s account, and the remittance instruction will be returned.

For example, among the text messages received by the corporate account of OCBC Wing Hang Bank in Hong Kong, the first message is credit; the second message is deposit, which is the real credit and is irrevocable.

When you receive a text message telling you how much money has been deposited, this is just “money to the bank” and does not actually enter your account. Once you enter the account and actually make the deposit, you will receive a second text message indicating how much money has been deposited.

Hong Kong accounts that allow the above operations are: HSBC, Wing Lung Bank, Nanyang Commercial Bank, Bank of East Asia, Hang Seng Bank and so on.

In fact, it is very simple to verify. Don’t feel at ease just seeing the “payment” in the account. Pay attention to distinguish the account balance and the available balance (Available Balance), or try to see if you can put it.

You can spot the true face of a liar right away.

Foreign trade people are also requested to pay attention!

After this “payment” is transferred, the true face of the scammer can be seen immediately.

Foreign trade people are also requested to pay attention!

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