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Digital and intelligent transformation is busy grabbing orders, and the silk industry is revitalized with new vitality

Since entering 2023, the silk industry has continued to promote the process of optimization and upgrading. The industry atmosphere has become more pragmatic and placed more emphasi…

Since entering 2023, the silk industry has continued to promote the process of optimization and upgrading. The industry atmosphere has become more pragmatic and placed more emphasis on differentiation and efficiency improvement. On the one hand, innovation-oriented companies pay more attention to consumers’ demands for personalization and customization; on the other hand, many silk companies have significantly accelerated their pace of technological innovation and high-end brand building.

Production presses the fast forward button

Grasping projects, rushing orders, and striving for production, silk companies have been full of energy since the beginning of the year.

Since January this year, the sales of textile products in Guangxi Sanjiangkou (Xincheng) Cocoon and Silk Industrial Park have reached 2.5 million yuan. “We are actively recruiting workers, working hard to expand capacity and increase production, and strive to achieve an output value of 10 million yuan in the first quarter.” Li Debin, general manager of Guangxi Tongyi National Silk Development Co., Ltd. said: “There are currently 150 employees on the job. With the production line of the reeling factory and the As the number of smart rapier looms started up in the silk factory increases, more than 600 employees in various positions are urgently needed.”

“In 2022, Nanchong Liuhe (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Nanchong Liuhe”) achieved the annual target of 100 million yuan. We pay close attention to improving the skills of employees, effectively improving production efficiency, and regularly maintaining equipment , replacing accessories to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction, and more than 1.5 million meters of silk are produced throughout the year.” Wang Li, workshop director of Nanchong Liuhe Textile Company, said. At the beginning of 2023, orders received by Nanchong Liuhe have been scheduled until June, and the total order volume in the first quarter alone reached 500,000 meters.

Sichuan Antai Cocoon Silk Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Antai Cocoon Silk”) has a very clear goal for 2023, which is to go further on the basis of an annual gross production value of 200 million yuan. “This year, we also plan to recruit more than 200 workers, increase production shifts, and invest more than 5 million yuan in upgrading silk factory equipment. It is expected that the production volume this year will reach at least 300 tons.” said Chen Lin, deputy director of marketing of Antai Cocoon Silk.

Entering 2023, Hunan Jinxia Xiang Embroidery Co., Ltd. has received a steady stream of orders. In the first week after resuming work after the Spring Festival, Jinxia Xiang Embroidery received an order worth more than 1 million US dollars. The customers for this batch of orders are mainly from Japan, South Korea and other countries. Different from traditional products such as cheongsam and handicrafts, this batch of orders are for new products such as embroidered lace curtains, sleeves, dresses, and T-shirts.

Yan Hao, the person in charge of Jinxia Xiang Embroidery Factory, said: “Customers from the United States and European countries will come to the company for review. After the review is passed, the order volume may continue to increase.”

It is understood that in 2022, Jinxia Xiang Embroidery passed three certifications: BSCI (Business Social Standard Certification), WCA (Working Environment Certification) and ISO (Quality Management System Certification), providing a foundation for the company to open up the European and American markets. “Orders are coming in quickly. Fortunately, we added a new production line at the end of last year, otherwise we would not be able to do it. In this way, we are fully confident that the output value will exceed US$7 million in 2023.” Yan Hao said.

Digital transformation is busy grabbing orders

The silk industry has been accelerating reshuffle and reshaping in recent years. Digital and intelligent transformation is undoubtedly the key for silk companies to achieve rapid growth and sustainable profitability. Many silk companies are accelerating to take advantage of digital and intelligent transformation opportunities to transform production lines and improve production efficiency in order to gain competitive advantages in future development.

At the end of last year, the 5Gn+ Industrial Internet MES-lNA smart factory was fully put into operation, giving Dali Silk (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dali Silk”) more confidence in its digital and intelligent transformation. Applying 5Gn+ industrial Internet technology, the MES production management system adapts to cloud data such as order style, pattern, color matching, etc., to realize an integrated production process from design, weaving, cutting, sending and receiving, sewing, ironing, labeling to inspection and packaging. . The production cycle has been shortened from 30 days to 7 days, and the production capacity has increased by 5-10 times. After digital intelligence transformation, Dali Silk will achieve double-digit growth in sales and exports in 2022.

Nowadays, in Dali Silk’s 5G smart factory tie workshop, the layout and production methods are very different from traditional production workshops. “The upgraded production line has more than tripled the production capacity of a single station. It used to produce two to three hundred pieces a day, but now one station can produce more than a thousand pieces.” said He Yali, deputy general manager of Dali Silk Tie Division.

At the beginning of the new year, Hangzhou Wansili Silk Culture Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wansli Silk”) signed a cooperation agreement with Tuya Intelligence, a global IoT development platform service provider, in Hangzhou, focusing on leveraging their respective leadership in cloud technology, digital production, etc. Taking advantage of the advantages, we will jointly explore the innovative business model of the first “shared factory” in the silk textile industry to help the digital and intelligent upgrade of the entire chain of the textile industry.

Opening up new markets has given silk companies a new growth pole. A group of silk companies are “busy with orders” and working hard to embrace new opportunities in overseas markets.

Zhejiang Jiaxin Silk Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jiaxin Silk”) displayed more than 500 self-developed fabrics at the French PV exhibition (First Vision Fabric Exhibition), more than 90% of which contain environmentally friendly elements.�, 8 fabrics were selected as fashion trend sample products by the expert team of the organizing committee. Dong Dianchen, general manager of Jiaxin Silk Import and Export Business Department, said: “70% of the samples this time were brought to the exhibition for the first time. Through this exhibition, we met and communicated with old customers, and also met many new customers.”

Jiaxin Silk plans to achieve export sales of US$380 million this year, a year-on-year increase of 20%. To this end, the company has formulated a thorough marketing plan and participates in one or two large-scale exhibitions almost every month to further dig into old customers and expand new customers, thereby increasing export sales.

Zibo Dyefang Silk Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dyefang Silk”) gained a lot from the International Home and Commercial Textiles Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. Not only did it sign 2,000 sample orders with foreign merchants during the exhibition, but it also entered 2 Since the past month, we have been receiving inquiries and cooperation intentions from foreign merchants, and online orders have been extremely popular. This made Dyeingfang Silk feel the market recovery, and made plans to participate in overseas exhibitions, and is full of expectations for the overseas market in 2023.

Suzhou Taihu Snow Silk Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Taihu Snow”) has been receiving an influx of overseas orders recently. “Cross-border e-commerce business not only broadens overseas sales channels, but also enables us to understand overseas markets and product end-user preferences through export cross-border e-commerce data analysis, providing important parameters for supply chain management and new product development.” Taihu Xue, Vice President Manager Dai Yan introduced. In January this year, the company’s export volume was 3.714 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 18.6%.

Developing personalized market

For a long time in the future, high quality and multiple channels may become the main theme of the consumer market, and consumers’ fashion needs will continue to increase. If silk brands and companies want to do business well, efficiency and differentiation are key. While silk enterprises continue to strengthen their own technological innovation capabilities, they must take the “high, sophisticated and cutting-edge” route and be one step ahead in the application of new technologies, new processes and new materials so that they can take the initiative.

“In 2023, I believe that there will be a significant market recovery, and the consumer market will be revitalized, especially the food, clothing, housing and transportation that are closely related to consumers’ daily lives. Especially for some new demands and new consumption that are about to emerge, new market segments will The emergence of Dao is a good opportunity worthy of attention for enterprises.” said Yu Jinjian, chairman and general manager of Jiangsu Huajia Silk Co., Ltd.

Yu Jinjian introduced: “In 2023, Huajia Silk will move towards two main goals. First, continue to implement the multi-brand strategy and promote the development of its multiple brands such as SANGLUO, COULDWE, BOMBOS, and Winter Jasmine. The silk industry integrates research and development of creative design, fashion aesthetics, silk culture, and consumer experience; the second is to increase investment in the green fashion industry, continue to practice the principles of low-carbon environmental protection throughout the industry chain, and actively implement sustainable development enterprises responsibility.”

Li Jianhua, chairman of Wansli Silk, said: “In recent years, Wansli Silk has been driven by digital reform and actively upgraded the traditional silk industry ecology. Promoting the innovative integration of digital intelligence in the fields of design, production and marketing is Wansli Silk An important focus for development in 2023. We must transform product management into platform management, build a service-oriented platform oriented to customer needs and personalized customization, and create greater value for users.”

The strategic layout of Anhui Jingjiu Silk Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jingjiu Silk”) focuses on the work of replenishing and strengthening the cocoon and silk industry chain. “We will actively promote the company’s development into a modern sericulture production model, realize the advantages of industrial agglomeration with technology empowerment, and while serving sericulture farmers efficiently, quickly and with high quality, we will open a new model of smart sericulture management with ‘Internet+’. What will follow is Actively carry out research and development of factory-based feed sericulture technology.” said Ma Pinde, chairman of Jingjiu Silk.

In Ma Pinde’s view, only by persisting in technological innovation can we effectively promote industrial transformation and upgrading and promote better and faster development of brand building. Therefore, Jingjiu Silk plans to use big design concepts to make up for the brand’s shortcomings and adapt to new market demands and changes. We strive to lead the development of new products with creativity, lead fashion trends with new products, enrich product categories, create popular products, and empower the sales of themed silk products. At the same time, we explore new ideas and methods for the innovative development of brand marketing, and use cross-industry alliances, off-season sales, and value-added services to expand the market and serve customers. Not only that, Jingjiu Silk will also combine the market trends and the characteristics of rapid changes in business models to introduce new products in a timely manner.

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