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Stable start, busy production and high confidence – looking at the new achievements of “stabilizing scale and optimizing structure” from the perspective of foreign trade orders

On February 22, the People’s Daily published “Stable Start, Busy Production, and Full Confidence – New Actions to “Stabilize Scale and Optimize Structure&#8…

On February 22, the People’s Daily published “Stable Start, Busy Production, and Full Confidence – New Actions to “Stabilize Scale and Optimize Structure” from the perspective of foreign trade orders”, the content is as follows:

The Central Economic Work Conference emphasized: “Greater efforts must be made to stabilize the scale and optimize the structure of foreign trade.” In 2022, my country’s imports and exports of goods trade exceeded the 40 trillion yuan mark for the first time, growing by 7.7% to reach 42.07 trillion yuan; in 2023, we must maintain the continued positive trend of imports and exports and achieve the important supporting effect of stable foreign trade on stable growth. At the beginning of the new year, all regions and departments worked hard to launch “service packages” and went all out to achieve a “good start” and lay a solid foundation for maintaining the stability and quality of foreign trade imports and exports throughout the year. Our reporter conducted an interview to see how foreign trade companies are “running”, production and manufacturing are “strengthening”, and logistics channels are “smooth”, and they can feel the vitality and resilience of import and export. Expanding the market – an order from across the ocean landed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The bright tropical sunshine filtered through the portholes, but Zheng Yijun still felt uneasy. As the chairman of Zhaotai Trading (Chongqing) Co., Ltd., he received a questionnaire from the Chongqing Municipal Commerce Commission at the end of last year: Are you interested in exploring markets in Southeast Asia? The company’s main business is motorcycles, generators and micro-tillers, and it has penetrated into an unfamiliar market. There is no one to take the lead in organizing, so Zheng Yijun does not dare to take risks. At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, there is a window period for economic recovery, and Chongqing takes advantage of the situation to implement its international market development plan. “The survey shows that 96% of companies are interested, and 85% are willing to charter flights or form group flights.” The relevant person in charge of the Chongqing Municipal Commerce Commission said that ASEAN is an important trading partner of Chongqing. Combined with the wishes of the companies, the destination is Choose between Malaysia and Thailand. The business group had a busy schedule, and Zheng Yijun worked non-stop: visiting the Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy, ​​local departments and chambers of commerce; local market inspection tours, offline business matching meetings, and connecting with each other… During the activities, he also met “netizens” ——A motorcycle and agricultural machinery parts manufacturer, “I used to have online contact, which was intermittent, and cooperation was not successful.” This time it was different. Zheng Yijun, who was carrying product brochures and samples, was finally able to sit down and talk with the other party: “We can provide technical support and after-sales service; the goods are transported through the Western Land-Sea Corridor, which takes a short time and a favorable price.” , can provide a package of logistics services…” “A thousand emails are not as good as a meeting.” Zheng Yijun said that the two parties signed a cooperation framework agreement on the spot. During the visit, the Chongqing Municipal Commerce Commission accompanying the delegation introduced Chongqing’s basic situation and development advantages to foreign businessmen, while helping them understand local trade policies and investment environment. At the first centralized signing ceremony in Malaysia, 9 Chongqing companies signed contracts with foreign parties for 11 projects, with an amount exceeding 100 million yuan. This is the meaning of “organizing groups to go overseas”, supporting companies to meet customers, expand markets, sign orders, and stabilize production. According to statistics, the total contract value of the business group this time is US$30.88 million, covering fields such as general machinery, hardware, automobiles and motorcycles, access control systems, and logistics full-chain services. The largest single order reached US$5 million. The relevant person in charge of the Chongqing Municipal Commerce Commission said: “This year we plan to organize more than 100 groups and support more than 1,000 companies to go abroad to participate in exhibitions and conferences, business docking, and visit customers.” The original plan was to negotiate a US$1.85 million contract, but it didn’t happen. On the return trip, orders totaling US$5 million had been received. Zheng Yijun no longer had the anxiety he had when he first arrived, and was even more confident about his next trip. Rushing for orders – a factory running at full speed. Workers in dustproof suits, hats, masks, gloves… wearing full equipment are busy and orderly. In Shangyu District, Shaoxing, in the packaging workshop of Zhejiang Axilong Shunhua Aluminum and Plastic Co., Ltd., more than 40 production lines and more than a hundred injection molding machines are at full power. Around the Spring Festival, Zhejiang’s foreign trade companies organized groups to go overseas and gained a lot. Axilong Shunhua, which specializes in the production of lipstick tubes, perfume caps and other cosmetic packaging materials, is well prepared to rush production and rush for orders. Zhang Fang, a worker in the injection molding workshop, has been busy since work started on the fourth day of the first lunar month. This year, she did not return to her hometown in Anhui, but responded to the call and stayed at the factory to celebrate the New Year. “The government issued a subsidy of 1,000 yuan, and our non-local employees also received an additional 1,500 yuan from the company.” Zhang Fang said that the heavier the task, the higher the income, and everyone is very motivated. “Not only the employees, but also all aspects are great.” Xu Baihua, the general manager of the company, said that the State Grid Shaoxing Shangyu District Power Supply Company, the District Water Group, and the District Natural Gas Company jointly inspected and maintained equipment and lines to provide reliable guarantee for the start-up of the company. On the basis of the 12 measures implemented in the early stage to “get off the ground and stabilize growth”, Shangyu District has successively introduced 24 policies and allocated more than 2 billion yuan in policy funds throughout the year to encourage enterprises to resume work quickly and stabilize production with “real money”. Axilong Shunhua has a new factory building, which is expected to be put into trial operation in the second quarter. This is a water-based coating production line for cosmetic packaging materials, which can replace high-content volatile organic compound coatings such as inks and solve the problem of pollutant emissions from the source. “The government encourages source substitution and technological upgrading, and can receive up to 30% of corporate equipment investment subsidies!” Xu Baihua said. Outside the factory, Chen Fengfei, director of the company’s marketing center, was bidding farewell to visiting customers. “We plan to further explore overseas markets.” She simply “settled down” in the office and started studying a policy package full of useful information: the company plans to participate in exhibitions in Dubai, Monaco and other places, and the booth fee subsidy can be up to 100%; inviting foreign businessmen For inbound business negotiations, companies can receive a reward of 5,000 yuan per person… “Stabilizing production requires taking multiple measures to give companies a stronger sense of gain.” ZhejiangAccording to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Commerce, Zhejiang will in-depth implement the action of expanding the market and seizing orders this year. It plans to hold 600 events and focus on holding and supporting more than 130 exhibitions; increase special loans for policy-based foreign trade industries and speed up the foreign trade financial system. Construction and other measures will also continue to be implemented. Policies are strong and businesses are confident. Chen Fengfei said: “In early February, we reached follow-up cooperation intentions with two foreign companies.” According to the production status of each factory, the company’s output value in the first quarter increased by at least 5% year-on-year, and full-year sales are expected to return to the peak before the epidemic. Smooth channel – an efficient and fast route with a long whistle and the morning sea breeze reaching the shore of Qingdao Port, Shandong Port. This is the sixth largest container port in the world and the port with the highest density of shipping routes in northern China, with more than 220 container routes. On February 19, the “Oriental Belgium” cargo ship from the “Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement” (RCEP) route was steadily docked at berth 105 in the Qianwan Port area, but the operation area was empty – “This is the 9th loading and unloading refresh.” The fully automated terminal with a world record in efficiency integrates the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, and automatic control, and operates automatically throughout the entire process.” Li Qiang, deputy manager of the automated terminal operation department of Qingdao Port, explained that relying on the intelligent management and control system independently developed by Qingdao Port, the bridge The crane automatically scans the outline of the ship and identifies the target location in real time; the guided vehicle is equipped with a laser anti-collision system and an ultrasonic sensing system to transport containers to the yard without interruption; the rail crane completes stacking, sending and receiving operations at high speed and accurately according to the tasks assigned by the system … After unloading, container trucks were coming and going next to the “Oriental Belgium” freighter. While delivering the imported goods to the Qingdao Customs Inspection Platform, they were subject to customs information verification, machine inspection image inspection and other supervision. At the same time, they loaded the export goods and carried out bridge hoisting. The shipment has not yet been completed and the customs supervision procedures have been completed. This efficiency is due to the measures to facilitate the passage of ships on RCEP routes launched by Qingdao Customs. Perishable goods originating from RCEP member countries that arrive at the supervision workplace and submit complete information will be released within 6 hours. Export customs clearance procedures can be handled online. “View, download, and print online without having to run errands or wait on shore, which saves time and reduces costs.” Zhao Wenjuan, business department manager of Rizhao Jinhe Biochemical Group Co., Ltd., shook the paper in her hand: “Look, RCEP Certificate of Origin It has been completed in advance.” With this certificate, when the company’s 380 tons of citrate clears customs in Indonesia, the tariff rate can be reduced from the original 5% to zero tariff, with a tax reduction of more than 120,000 yuan. Benefiting from RCEP, the company expects export orders to grow by more than 15% this year. In January 2022, the country’s first RCEP certificate of origin was issued here. In January this year, Qingdao Customs issued 7,451 certificates, with an export preferential value of 1.67 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 62.4% and 16% respectively; a total of 430 million yuan of imported goods were subject to RCEP preferential tax rates, with a tax concession of 24 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 62.4% and 16% respectively. Increases of 3 times and 3.6 times respectively. Bi Haijun, director of the Tariff Department of Qingdao Customs, said: “We have also developed a smart collection and management system to accurately locate enterprises in the jurisdiction that do not enjoy the benefits and guide them to enjoy benefits such as tariff concessions.” With the official entry into force of RCEP last year, the port economy has become increasingly active. Qingdao Port has strengthened cooperation with key companies and opened up nearly 100 RCEP routes. Li Qiang said: “Since the beginning of this year, container throughput has increased by 10.4% year-on-year, and berth efficiency has increased by 9.9% year-on-year, achieving the best results in the same period.” At night, the “Oriental Belgium” cargo ship blew its whistle again and set sail with a full load. This time the cargo ship imported and exported a total of 1,129 natural containers, with a ship-time efficiency of 111.77 natural containers per hour. It left berth 2 hours earlier than originally planned and will arrive at its destination in 3 days.

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