Chaoyang: Aiming at a 100-billion-dollar industry and sprinting at full speed

“Now all the more than 200 staff members of the factory have arrived and are fully engaged in production and operation.” On January 29, in the production workshop of Gu…

“Now all the more than 200 staff members of the factory have arrived and are fully engaged in production and operation.” On January 29, in the production workshop of Guangdong Rongchang Textile Industrial Co., Ltd., each production line was operating at full capacity and sprinted to a good start. Wu Chaozao, deputy manager of the company, revealed that the company has received orders from several big brands before and is expected to have better output efficiency this year.

As a high-tech textile enterprise integrating weaving production and sales, the company mainly produces canvas for shoes and high-end clothing fabrics. It is one of the largest textile enterprises in eastern Guangdong with strong technical force and high quality brand. . In order to promote the high-quality and stable development of the company, the company also invested 1.5 billion yuan to build a green smart textile printing and dyeing project in Chaoyang Textile Printing and Dyeing Park. After the project is completed, it will become the only woven fabric textile enterprise in the Liangchao area, realizing a complete industrial chain from spinning, weaving to printing and dyeing. The project construction is currently being accelerated.

After the province’s high-quality development conference was held, various departments in Chaoyang District responded to the order and made it clear that they would go all out to promote high-quality development with the attitude of “starting the decisive battle and sprinting from the beginning”. This year, Chaoyang District continues to anchor on the goal of “building a traditional industry innovation demonstration zone”, insists on taking the manufacturing industry as its own, vigorously promotes “industrial establishment and industrial strengthening of the city”, and makes the “three new, two special and one major” industries bigger and stronger.

As a traditional pillar industry and an important livelihood industry in Chaoyang District, textile and clothing is a 100-billion-level pillar industry that Chaoyang District focuses on building. The district is working hard to build competitive advantages in the textile and apparel industry, actively introducing technologies and projects that make up for shortcomings, and promoting the extension of the textile and apparel industry to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. Chain-strengthening and chain-replenishing projects such as Tianhao Nylon, Rongchang Green Intelligent Textile Printing and Dyeing, and Xinlikang Shantou Smart Park have accelerated their construction, injecting new vitality into industrial innovation and development.

In order to promote the development of industrial clusters, Chaoyang District strives to build a “10,000 acres and 100 billion” industrial platform with an industrial space of over 10,000 acres and an industrial output value of over 100 billion yuan to enhance the industrial carrying capacity. The reporter learned that Chaoyang District will speed up the improvement of the construction supporting facilities of Haimen Lingang Characteristic Industrial Area, Guiyu Circular Economy Industrial Park, and Jinpu High-tech Industrial Area, speed up the construction of Shantou International Textile and Garment Industry Base, and create a high-quality industrial agglomeration platform.

At the same time, Chaoyang District has made every effort to promote the “industrial transformation” work. Through various forms such as government guidance, rural collective guidance, and enterprise leadership, it has orderly promoted 48 “renovation projects” with a total land area of ​​3,720 acres and a total planned investment of 12.6 billion yuan. “Industrial-to-industrial” projects, especially the “industrial-to-industrial” pilot implementation projects such as Wanshengxing Intelligent Technology, Zhongshen Plastics, TCL Innovation Base, and Gimpo Science and Technology Industrial Park, have accelerated their transformation and construction to further expand the space for industrial development. In the strong atmosphere of striving for high-quality development, Chaoyang is forming a new atmosphere of catching up with others and striving to be the first. All localities and departments focus on the construction of key projects and major platforms, and work together to ensure the guarantee of factors. They will work together to promote the early start, early completion and early commissioning of 32 key projects with a total investment of 58.392 billion yuan, and seize the opportunity to reserve and package a batch of new products. Major projects build the potential for high-quality development.

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