In 2022, my country’s GDP will exceed 120 trillion yuan, an increase of 3%

The National Bureau of Statistics released data on the 17th stating that according to preliminary calculations, the gross domestic product (GDP) for 2022 will be 121.0207 trillion …

The National Bureau of Statistics released data on the 17th stating that according to preliminary calculations, the gross domestic product (GDP) for 2022 will be 121.0207 trillion yuan, an increase of 3% over the previous year at constant prices. The national economy has withstood the pressure and continued to develop, and the economic aggregate has reached a new level.

Statistical data shows that based on the average annual exchange rate, 120 trillion yuan is equivalent to approximately 18 trillion U.S. dollars, ranking second in the world. In 2022, my country’s per capita GDP will reach 85,698 yuan, an actual increase of 3% over the previous year. Converted based on the annual average exchange rate, it will reach 12,741 US dollars, remaining above 12,000 US dollars for two consecutive years.

“The continuous improvement of economic aggregate and per capita level means that our country’s comprehensive national strength, social productivity, international influence, and people’s living standards have been further improved. It means that our country’s development foundation is stronger, the development quality is better, and the development momentum is more powerful. Abundance means that the fundamentals of my country’s economy are highly resilient, have great potential, have broad space, and have long-term positive trends,” said Kang Yi, director of the National Bureau of Statistics.

From the perspective of economic growth, Kang Yi said that Germany has now announced its full-year economic growth forecast, which is 1.9%; according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecast, the GDP growth of the United States and Japan in 2022 will not be the same. It will exceed 2%. “Under the repeated impact of so many unexpected factors, my country’s GDP growth rate of 3% is a relatively fast growth rate.”

For the whole year of 2022, the total grain output will reach 1,373.1 billion jins, stable at more than 1.3 trillion jins for 8 consecutive years; the national industrial added value will reach 40.2 trillion yuan, and the manufacturing added value will reach 33.5 trillion yuan, both ranking first in the world First place; total retail sales of consumer goods stabilized at around 44 trillion yuan; the added value of high-tech manufacturing industries above designated size increased by 7.4% over the previous year, 3.8 percentage points faster than all industries above designated size; the per capita disposable income of national residents actually increased by 2.9%, Basically in sync with economic growth…

“In general, the efficient coordination of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development in 2022 has achieved positive results, stabilized the macroeconomic market, continued to expand the economic aggregate, and steadily improved the quality of development. At the same time, it must also be noted that the international situation remains complex and severe “The triple pressure of shrinking domestic demand, supply shocks, and weakening expectations is still great, and the foundation for economic recovery is still not solid.” Kang Yi said that in the next stage, we must adhere to the priority of stability and make progress while maintaining stability, promote the overall improvement of economic operations, and strive to Achieve effective improvement in quality and reasonable growth in quantity.

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