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Real fire or virtual fire? “Internet celebrity material” rose to 22,000! Antibacterial fabrics become “life-saving straw” during the epidemic?

The epidemic caused by the new coronavirus is not only affecting the global economy, but also causing abnormal market fluctuations. Attention to anti-epidemic products is increasin…

The epidemic caused by the new coronavirus is not only affecting the global economy, but also causing abnormal market fluctuations. Attention to anti-epidemic products is increasing. A sudden increase of 8,000 yuan in one week! “Internet celebrity material” rose to 22,000! Who are the internet celebrity products now? It’s MG70! In just one week, the spot price in Dongguan has skyrocketed by 8,000 yuan! I even heard that the market price is 22,000!

It can only be said that there is indeed a shortage of antigen self-test kits at present, and approved companies are working frantically overtime to rush production. MG70 has once again become a “hot material”! But how long it can rise is hard to say. At present, the main raw materials for droppers are high-pressure flower material MG70 and PP transparent material as well as display kit HIPS. The output efficiency of MG70 is higher than that of PP transparent material. MG70 is produced by Qatar Petrochemicals and can be processed by injection molding. It is available in Africa and the Middle East or Europe. Its application areas include engineering industrial supplies accessories, food contact applications, additives and coating applications. According to market feedback, it has the characteristics of high gloss, high fluidity and good processing performance.

▲Qatar MG70 market price chart (data source: Jin Lianchuang)

The price of this raw material rose by 5,000-6,000 yuan/ton within a week as market demand changed. The price was relatively stable before December 6, with the market quotation remaining at around 11,300-11,700. There was a gap between December 8 and December 9, and prices rose by about 27%. Until December 12, the market price rose again by 800-1,700 yuan/ton. Antibacterial fabrics: an opportunity for textile people? A “life-saving straw” during the epidemic? Recently, there has been constant news in the entire market. In addition to popular and ruthless characters such as MG70, even antibacterial fabrics have become popular. Has the opportunity really come? An anti-viral and anti-bacterial fabric that is expected to be mass-produced next year has made Annaler, the “number one children’s clothing stock”, the focus of market attention. Anael stated that the electron beam grafting technology used in this fabric was developed by a team from Tsinghua University and has an inhibition rate of more than 99% against enveloped viruses, bacteria, and some fungi. With the blessing of “black technology”, Anair’s stock price has continued to rise since November 18. As of the close of trading on December 7, in just 14 trading days, there have been 11 daily limit increases, and the stock price has also increased from the previous trading day. of 8.6 yuan, soaring sharply to 22.97 yuan, with the largest increase during the period reaching more than 170%. The rise in the antibacterial fabric concept sector is not an isolated case. Ruyi Group has also recently taken advantage of the trend of antibacterial fabrics to realize the “five-connected plan”. Its “antibacterial and antiviral machine washable wool worsted fabric development and research project” has also attracted market attention. As of the close of trading on December 9, Ruyi Group had achieved an increase of about 40% that week. Not only that, according to data from Wind, a financial data and analysis tool service provider, 15 listed companies in the “Anti-Viral Fabric Concept Index” have increased by as much as 23.45% in the past month, while the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index increased by 5.6% during the same period. Among them, in the six trading days of December, the index rose by 12.45%, while the CSI 300 Index rose by only 2.75%. In recent years, under the shadow of the ongoing epidemic, the antibacterial fabric track has been reporting frequent good news, creating a hot scene. Relevant industry analysts pointed out that the research and development of antibacterial fabrics will bring huge market opportunities to related companies. “For example, Anair, this is the first time that new technological fabrics have been used in children’s clothing. This means that Anair has the exclusive right to develop and will achieve an industry monopoly on this technology.” The analyst calculated that with the development of the fabric’s application scenarios, , such as medical masks, protective clothing, special sportswear and other high-demand scenarios, if mass production can be achieved, Anael can also achieve a net profit of at least 60 million yuan simply by selling fabrics. Many textile companies regard it as a life-saving straw after the epidemic, and they have entered the market to compete. Soochow Securities pointed out that there are currently 31 listed textile and apparel companies deploying anti-viral and anti-bacterial patents and products. However, anti-viral and anti-bacterial fabrics are still a relatively new experience for most consumers. “China Textile News” reporter noticed that when Zhihu netizens asked questions, netizens held their own opinions. Most people are skeptical about the actual effectiveness of antibacterial fabrics. “Commercial value is not achieved by imagination. It requires brands, products, channels, users, etc. to realize it together. There will be no problems in any link.” Cheng Weixiong, an independent analyst in the footwear and clothing industry, said: “The antibacterial and antiviral functions are very important to the textile and clothing industry. It is not a necessary demand. Even if the capital market uses this to cheer up the stock price and achieve short-term prosperity, whether it can continue to support its commercial value still depends on whether consumers are willing to pay.” In the editor’s opinion, whether anti-epidemic products can be sustained How much recognition can antibacterial fabrics gain from consumers by promoting related products? Is the capital’s enthusiasm for it optimistic about its functional value, or does it just want to “speculate”? It’s still unknown. Due to the blind investment in meltblown fabrics and masks in the past few years, textile companies should probably stay more calm about this.

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