Seven aspects to effectively tap the efficiency of spinning machines

With the advancement of technology and the improvement of labor productivity, the high quality, high speed and high output of the spinning frame can best reflect the production lev…

With the advancement of technology and the improvement of labor productivity, the high quality, high speed and high output of the spinning frame can best reflect the production level of the spinning mill. However, the author believes that speed alone is not comprehensive enough. It is best to use efficiency, which can better reflect the comprehensive indicators.

What is effectiveness? Effectiveness = efficiency x goal. Effectiveness is a measure of work results, involving efficiency, effectiveness, effectiveness, and strives to achieve system goals. The high speed of modern spinning machines is linked to collective doffing, including the intelligentization and automation of all mechanical actions to complete drafting and winding. This is an ideal equipment to improve the overall efficiency. However, there are less than 10 million spindles in China, and the spinning machines are fully digitalized. Production is still quite a ways off. Only by changing their thinking and improving overall production efficiency through new technologies, new processes, new equipment, and new operations can most of the existing spinning machines cater to the country’s general direction of green economy, energy saving and consumption reduction. According to the above idea, even if there is no modern fully automatic spinning machine, if the traditional spinning machine emphasizes “high quality, high speed, high efficiency and low consumption”, through the whole system, whole process and all-round transformation of the spinning machine to make it look new, we can find another way to achieve high speed. .

Most of the existing spinning frame models are above the century FA series. To talk purely about spindle speed, the author remembers that the spindle speed of the spinning frame spun polyester and cotton was 18,000 rpm when the Sulun Factory was reformed by Daobosen in the early days of liberation. However, the DFG2 has a short maintenance cycle. Calibrated every six months. The actual unit yield level of chemical fiber products exceeds 40kg. Even today, more than ten years later, some companies cannot achieve this on FA series spinning machines. The reason is simple: information is poor and management technology cannot keep up. Many companies use the maintenance cycle of high-end equipment on low-end equipment. The tapered steel ring is the key to increasing the spindle speed, and ordinary flat steel rings cannot compare with it. Of course, the reason why the spindle speed was high at the beginning, the end-breaking index was loose (within 30 pieces per thousand spindles), and the quality index requirements were not high were also due to certain factors.

Entering the 21st century, my country’s textile machinery manufacturing level is different from the same level. In particular, the innovation of equipment, manufacturing accuracy, reliability, lifespan, etc., while ensuring quality, have provided more possibilities to meet the increase in spinning speed. To this end, doing the following tasks can significantly improve the efficiency of the spinning machine.

Handle the contradiction between spun yarn package and speed

Increase the package volume of the bobbin without increasing the breakage rate per thousand spindles, such as increasing the length of the bobbin, increasing the yarn guide stroke, leaving a distance of 12mm between the bottom and the top of the bobbin, and extending the doffing while ensuring quality time, can be used as an auxiliary measure to reduce the number of doffing workers; the traveler whose steel ring diameter tends from 42mm to 38mm~40mm operates more stably, with less breakage and hairiness. From medium-speed large packages to high-speed small packages, the spindle diameter is reduced from 24mm to 16.5mm~18.5mm, which is more economical and suitable for my country’s current national conditions.

Improve retention rate while driving

Driving to connect broken ends is an ineffective work and will greatly reduce the work efficiency of the doffing workers. If the end-retention rate is low, we must pay attention to the end-breakage in the winding part and ignore the end-breakage in the drafting part. Otherwise, it will not be conducive to solving the problem of end-retention rate.

Bad equipment status affects head breakage

The transmission system of the old machine has too much clearance or the transmission parts are worn. When the machine is stopped and started, the roller operation is not synchronized, forming a weak link and causing breakage. The technical transformation point is combined with the update of the front transmission and drafting mechanism. At the same time, attention is paid to the integrity of the transformation, and the drafting components are paid attention to. Modify the cradle and roller. The winding part focuses on transforming the spindle and steel ring.

Use high-reliability spinning equipment and components

For example, high-speed spindles, high-speed steel ring travelers, and rubber rollers and rubber rings with excellent performance are the three key equipments for reducing end breakage. The winding part is one of the key points in solving end breakage. Poor concentricity of the three spindles and poor yarn passage will cause sudden changes in yarn tension and increase breakage. The weak yarn strength produced by slow and weak twisting spindles will increase breakage.

Improve the accuracy of machine maintenance and refueling, avoid machine stains caused by overflow of spindle cleaning and refueling, and reduce the workload of doffers within the cleaning range; the selection and matching of steel rings and travelers are crucial. A small traveler has troubled our country for many years. Compact spinning technology has been implemented for more than ten years, and expensive imported travelers must be used (the price difference is about 20 times).

With the concern of China Textile Industry Federation, China Textile Machinery Association, China Textile Engineering Society and other departments, several well-known domestic companies that produce steel ring travelers were organized to tackle key problems. Chongqing Jinmao Textile Equipment Co., Ltd. first developed BS in 2009 (Sapphire) travellers, breaking the situation where high-end travellers are completely dependent on imports. At the same time, we have developed an independent and original TP (topaz) traveler with well-known domestic universities, which has obviously reached a new level in terms of quality, size and hardness deviation, and can be as good as imported similar products. The products also achieve the same: no maturation period; service life of about 20 days; high speed and high count (the smallest is 360).

The spinning process emphasizes tight gauge, small nip, and artificial roving twist coefficient, which puts forward higher requirements for the gripping of the front roller nip of the spinning machine. The current contradiction that needs to be solved is that the spinning and winding tension increases when the machine speed is increased, which makes the nip The mouth needs a stable grip. Increasing pressure is an option. The 27mm roller of the new spinning machine may be OK. Most FA series rollers have 25mm. Too much pneumatic pressure will cause mechanical waves in the roller bending. At the same time, the electricity consumption will increase significantly, which is not advisable. . In fact, pressurization becomes a problem for someThe industry’s only choice, the persuasive evidence is the abnormal phenomenon in some papers that the thicker the paint ratio, the better the stickiness is. This phenomenon of excessive increase in holding force without simultaneous increase in pulling force, but instead This results in poor elastic recovery of the rubber roller, and the extension of the anti-enveloping arc changes the displacement of the speed change point, destroys the evenness CV% value, and increases the spindle difference.

Another trend is that high-efficiency technology adopts heavy quantitative feeding, and the draft ratio is extraordinary, while yarn defects and hairiness increase accordingly; while the spacer block or the control rod of the spacer block is too small, resulting in a corresponding increase in short and thick slubs; it is necessary to solve To improve the holding power of the front roller, we must solve the problem of low hardness of the rubber roller and fast instantaneous elastic recovery. Under the current technical conditions, the minimum hardness of nitrile rubber can only be 63 degrees, and the elastic recovery is not ideal. The emergence of new materials and new technologies has allowed us to Finding a feasible way, Zhejiang Zhongrui polyurethane rubber rollers have overcome technical difficulties. Even if the pressure is too heavy and the speed is high (the vortex spinning 450 m/min life span is about 3 times longer than that of nitrile rubber), the rubber roller hardness can be 58 degrees and the elastic recovery is higher than that of nitrile rubber. Nitrile rubber has increased by more than 60%, and the wear resistance has increased by 2 to 3 times. This not only extends the service life year-on-year, but also conforms to the currently widely used flexible process concept.

Promote trouble-free and mature equipment and components

Similar foreign equipment and components are purchased through international logistics, and qualified manufacturers are selected based on equipment grade and cost performance. Generally, the failure rate is required to be one in tens of thousands, that is, it may occur once in several years. This is a concept. The life of components and equipment should be synchronized with the obsolescence life of the equipment itself. The lifespan of the winding part of the spindle belt or dragon belt, steel ring, spindle, and yarn tube is required to be more than 5 years; the dragon belt drive servo motor and lifting drive motor, and even the main motor can be oil-free and maintenance-free for 5 years.

The future development trend of new material equipment: carbon fiber upper pins will replace iron upper pins in large areas; new lower pins and matching rolling rubber ring tension frames will replace old lower pins and sliding tension frames; polyurethane rubber rollers will replace DIN in high-speed, high-quality high-end products Nitrile rubber; tapered steel ring and lower support steel ring are the best choices for flat steel rings to adapt to high speeds.

Pay attention to details that are easily overlooked as the speed increases

In order to increase the output, the spindle speed is blindly increased, and the spinning tension increases with the square ratio of the spindle speed. Old-fashioned spindles and poor-quality bobbins are kept. When the spindle speed is increased, the spindle amplitude increases, and the bobbin swing amplitude increases sharply, causing a sudden change in tension. , thus increasing and decreasing. Due to the poor quality bobbin used in the imported Oerlikon spun yarn long lathe of a certain factory, the bottom of the bobbin bobbin was severely worn in less than a year, and the spindle speed could not even exceed 17,000 rpm.

If the air withering is not in place, the moisture regain of the roving is too low and the moisture cannot be released into the fine yarn, which will also lead to an increase in end breaks.

Use small things to make a big difference, use small things to win

Many companies only pay attention to equipment modification, do not pay attention to equipment selection, and do not know how to settle accounts. As the market has forced to reduce production costs in recent years, it has become popular to use cheap, mid- to low-end steel rings and travelers in the past, resulting in low production efficiency, increased breakages, increased labor, and the inability to recruit people. If you change your thinking and do a comprehensive and careful calculation, the result will be different.

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