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Worrying! Zhongda Clothing is disconnected, cross-border textile workers enter a “wartime state”, what have stall owners experienced?

Guangzhou enters “wartime state” The clothing industry is hit by the “cold” again! In the past, the stall was always packed when it opened Now three mountai…

Guangzhou enters “wartime state”

The clothing industry is hit by the “cold” again!

In the past, the stall was always packed when it opened

Now three mountains are weighing down people’s breath

The bustling stall is now deserted

I can only sigh, it will be alright

Closed business, isolated at home, depressed and ill

Worker loss and supply chain disruption

I lost all my money and didn’t have time to cry out

Clothes people have no choice but to go up the mountain to trade

Sigh, you can see the mountain top with natural lighting. No color difference, perfect match!

The Pearl River Delta costumers have entered a “wartime state”…

The past three years of making clothing have been like experiencing the world of ice and fire. In the past, when the stalls were popular, the stalls opened, and now, once things go bad, the international situation, natural and man-made disasters, energy surges, etc., all make people worried, and they may become the straw that breaks the camel’s back at any time.
This year, when the foreign epidemic ended, orders were once booming. Unfortunately, the ideal was beautiful, but the reality was cruel. The wind soon turned to Southeast Asia, leaving us with nothing but shouts. Under the influence of the international situation, inflation, and energy, many textile workers went abroad to grab supplies. Single, day and night are reversed. Compared with the end-of-year sprint in previous years, this year has been a lot slower, but at least it can barely hold on. Now that the epidemic has suddenly struck, the supply chain in Guangzhou has been completely disconnected, and logistics has been disrupted. Products that have been prepared for many months cannot be shipped. Who can I complain to? .

The epidemic in Guangzhou broke out in Fengyang Street, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, or to be precise, Zhongda Market. Data shows that Zhongda Cloth Business District has a total of 59 professional markets, nearly 23,000 merchants, more than 2 million people in related industries, and an estimated annual transaction volume of more than 200 billion yuan. With this letter, all clothing companies in the Pearl River Delta may be shut down. Recently, the most popular Double Eleven event in the second half of the year has a great impact on everyone’s confidence in the industry.

Feedback from many sellers and netizens:
“Baiyun District is basically under lockdown. You can’t go to work, express delivery can’t come in, and almost all factories have stopped working. They are basically manufacturing clothing, shoes and bags.”
“Warehouses and companies have been partially closed. We are currently working from home. Some warehouse areas can operate normally, but express delivery in the area cannot be delivered.”
“The clothing industry has been greatly affected. Goods cannot pass through Shenzhen at all. The anchors in the Guangzhou delivery area have stopped working, and the supply chain has been disconnected.”
“Patrol teams have been organized in urban villages, but control is still difficult. We cannot work across districts. More than half of the people in the cross-border company where I work are locked up at home.”
In the past three years, it has been really difficult for textile people. On November 7, Chongqing held a press conference on the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic. It was mentioned that the infected people in the clothing chain chain include waiters, sales staff, students, etc. The activities of a small number of infected people before being quarantined and controlled involved clinics, bars, Restaurants, etc., have more people in contact and the risk of transmission is greater. A total of more than 90 cases of infection have been reported.
The textile and garment industry is already densely populated, and workers who work from dawn to dusk and earn hard-earned money are now more concerned about the international situation than the prime minister of the country. They are always concerned about what is going on, what is going on, from procurement to production. , sales, after-sales and other links are more troublesome than before. Not only must we have plan A, but also plan B and plan C. We must always be prepared for war. This is today’s clothing person.
I just hope that this epidemic will pass as soon as possible, and life will return to normal, so that we can have more energy to create better and better products, regain the lost industry, and be as busy as the past month!
Device dynamics:
1. Yizheng Chemical Fiber PTA has a production capacity of 1 million tons, and the restart of the 350,000-ton small line device is pending. The device has been overhauled on the 3rd.
2. PX, a large factory in Northeast China, underwent technical transformation near the 22nd of last month. It is expected that the device will be started this weekend and the production capacity will be increased to 5 million tons/year.
3. The original maintenance plan of Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Ethylene Glycol at the end of November has been postponed. The current maintenance plan is determined as follows: the 650,000-ton ethylene glycol unit will be overhauled in March next year, which is expected to last 70-80 days; the 800,000-ton ethylene glycol unit will be maintained Stable operation, no maintenance plan.
Comprehensive overview:
Cost and demand performance are poor, and the market trading atmosphere is deserted. It is expected that polyester filament yarn will show a narrow adjustment trend today.

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