Three methods of retrofitting compact spinning machines

Compact spinning is a high-tech and highly efficient technology. Changes in downstream market demand not only require companies to use the characteristics of compact yarn to develo…

Compact spinning is a high-tech and highly efficient technology. Changes in downstream market demand not only require companies to use the characteristics of compact yarn to develop new products and show their quality and charm, but also need to further improve the advantages of compact spinning technology to maximize the economic benefits of compact spinning.

method one

Installing an eccentric traverse device can significantly reduce the loss of rubber rollers and aprons.

During concentrated spinning, the cots and aprons are prone to wear, which increases production costs. Installing an eccentric traverse device can significantly reduce the loss of cots and aprons.

When installing the eccentric traversing device, the roving sliver should be positioned to run on the left side. After one operating cycle, use the hitchhiker to adjust the device so that the roving sliver can be moved to the right position and return to the original traction position in the next cycle. Stretch route. Such repeated “dislocations” can change the drafting route from one to two, increasing the area of ​​the friction part of the yarn, thereby doubling the life of the rubber roller and apron and halving the loss. The device consists of a bell mouth flat iron positioning seat and an eccentric cam assembly. The position of the bell mouth and the position of the special-shaped tube move a certain distance in the same direction, and the adjustment amounts of the two parts are consistent and remain fixed. This ensures that the relative position of the feed roving and the suction groove of the special-shaped tube remains unchanged after adjustment, and will not affect the compact spinning. agglomeration effect. The eccentric cam assembly is fixed on the roller seat with screws and retaining rings. When the turner on duty removes the special-shaped pipe to clean the winding, there is no need to remove it, so it is not easy to fall off and be lost. This device is suitable for both single bell mouth and double bell mouth feeding and drafting. Through the actual installation test, the device operates normally and has no impact on the spinning quality. This device is suitable for most compact spinning machines. It is convenient and easy to modify, has fast investment recovery, is simple to adjust, and has no impact on the start-up time and cycle.

The ectopic traversing device can significantly reduce the loss of rubber rollers and aprons. Taking the apron loss of Celosa produced by a 456-spindle compact spinning machine as an example, the price of the upper and lower aprons is 1.8 yuan and is updated every 2 months. The cost of each car is 4924.8 yuan, and the device saves 2462.4 yuan, which means that each spindle can save 5.4 yuan per year, and 100,000 spindles of concentrated spinning can save 540,000 yuan per year. In addition, the cost of rubber rollers is reduced. The economic benefits are considerable.

Method Two

Improve the movement of whiskers and steadily improve spinning quality

Improving the movement state of the whiskers in the gathering area can keep the gathering spinning machine in good condition and steadily improve the spinning quality.

The change of the state of the whiskers in the gathering area is the main factor affecting the quality of the gathering. It mainly occurs during the transfer of the whiskers from the roller to the negative pressure tube and the movement of the whiskers on the negative pressure tube. During the transfer process from the roller to the negative pressure tube, the whiskers will fall or tilt left and right in the “uncontrolled area” between the roller and the negative pressure tube. Experiments have found that about 30% of the spindles will exceed the limit. Normal standard value. Excessive pressure on the cradle, the generation of static electricity, poor surface condition of the rubber roller and low negative pressure will all affect the movement of the whiskers during this process. In actual production, the cradle pressure should be kept small to prevent the generation of static electricity, keep the surface of the rollers and rubber rollers smooth and clean, choose to use ultraviolet light to treat the rubber rollers to prevent fiber adhesion, and at the same time maintain negative pressure adjustment to prevent the occurrence of stringy conditions. Variety. When the whiskers move on the negative pressure tube, the aggregation state will change, causing the fibers to become scattered, resulting in a large increase in hairiness and a sharp increase in the breakage rate. There will also be a high breakage rate in a single spindle or the inability to spin normally, but the overall Good production phenomenon. The main reasons for this phenomenon are: first, the problem with the startup program design of the modified machine caused the negative pressure fan to not start; second, the accumulation of dust in the negative pressure air box was not cleaned in time, resulting in too small negative pressure. Therefore, operation management must be strengthened and timely cleaning is required. For mesh hoop accumulation, pay attention to selecting an anti-static mesh hoop with appropriate mesh number based on the type of fabric being spun.

In addition, the forward stroke of the drafting rubber roller should be set reasonably and the value should be reasonably controlled between 2mm and 3mm; at the same time, measures should be taken on the exhaust system to control the difference in temperature and humidity and reduce the impact of the temperature difference.

Method three

Installing a pneumatic gathering device reduces the investment cost

Adding a set of pneumatic gathering devices in front of the drafting device on an ordinary ring spinning frame is an available way to improve the performance of the gathering spinning frame.

A control roller is added in front of the front roller, with a control rubber roller installed on it. An apron similar to the middle roller is placed on the rubber roller and bracket to form an upper apron similar to the middle roller in the opposite direction. Its tip penetrates the front roller and Between the front rubber rollers, there is a special-shaped cross-section suction and gathering pipe underneath, which together with the suction and gathering pipe used as a negative pressure and a special-shaped mechanical gathering component form a cohesion system, similar to the lower pin rod of the lower rubber ring in the drafting device, and clamped The strands output by the front roller are held so that the drafted strands are immediately gathered by the mechanical mechanism, and the yarn is initially gathered. Then, driven by the control roller and the control top roller, it passes through the negative pressure suction tube. The yarn undergoes additional aggregation, the cross-sectional area of ​​the yarn is reduced, and the twisting triangle area is greatly reduced. The special-shaped negative pressure suction tube and the bundler work together to gather the fiber slivers output from the roller nip line in front of the drafting device of the traditional spinning machine on one line. The control roller is driven by the head draft transmission system through a set of intermediate gears, synchronized with the front roller, and relies on friction to make the rubber ring�The rubber roller rotates. In order to ensure that the yarn is drafted and extracted smoothly, the drafting tension that meets the process needs is set between the front nip and the control nip, and the transmission ratio of the control roller and the front roller should be set to 1.03~1.05. The load-bearing fibers are moderately elongated during suction, allowing the fibers to achieve better evenness.

From a structural point of view, this process belongs to air-suction and twist-resistance. It is a comprehensive condensation method, not expensive roller condensation. Although it is similar to Mazzoli’s grid porous apron, it does not require perforated apron and there is no special-shaped adsorption block in the upper apron. The installation is relatively simple and can be installed on ordinary ring spinning machines to spin different counts. Fine yarn, lower investment cost.

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