Just 16 months later, the Swedish clothing giant appears again…

H&M, many consumers in our country are very familiar with this brand. After all, as a fast-moving clothing brand giant, it has received support from many consumers in our count…

H&M, many consumers in our country are very familiar with this brand. After all, as a fast-moving clothing brand giant, it has received support from many consumers in our country’s clothing market. In the past, our country’s consumer market , and also provides the brand with ample sources of income. The reason why this platform has developed relatively well in our country is mainly because its business philosophy and clothing prices are very suitable for domestic people. Many working-class people like to go to stores of this brand to buy clothing. However, after making a lot of money in the Chinese market, this company made some inappropriate remarks that affected the Chinese market.

Consumers in our country have also boycotted the brand, and many of the brand’s billboards have been removed from shopping malls. Not only that, in the past time, more than 100 stores of this company have been closed. However, 16 months after Please left the Chinese market, the Swedish clothing giant appeared on Tmall again. So, will Chinese consumers still pay for it now?

In 2021, the Xinjiang cotton incident caused many consumers to boycott some clothing brands, mainly because these brands blindly followed the trend and boycotted my country’s Xinjiang cotton without understanding the facts. During this process, a clothing brand from Sweden made inappropriate remarks. Afterwards, this brand did not apologize to the domestic people for their behavior, and showed no regrets at all.

Not only did the people of our country have strong resistance to these brands, but domestic mainstream media and institutions also publicly criticized them. Their sales operations have also been severely affected. In addition to physical stores, the first ones to close their stores were e-commerce platforms. Major e-commerce platforms quickly closed these brand stores. For a long time, consumers were unable to search for H&M stores through online shopping software.

In addition, offline malls in our country have also been cleared, so the offline physical stores of this brand have also been closed one after another. Not only that, their billboards have also been evacuated from major shopping malls in a timely manner. .

Many consumers are very relieved about the last situation of this brand. After all, he is making Chinese money in the Chinese consumer market, but he has made some unfavorable remarks about China. Then, Chinese consumers will inevitably We will no longer support such a brand, and they will take corresponding responsibility for their actions.

The sales of this foreign brand dropped by 88%, which shows that they have made a lot of money in the Chinese market. However, as the financial backer that brought it a way to survive, our country is not respected by this brand, so it is very normal for it to be boycotted by domestic consumers.

However, now H&M’s flagship store on Tmall has reopened. It is hoped that through this method, it can regain my country’s consumer market, mainly because offline entities cannot continue to mix, and a large number of stores have been closed. During this period, sales in the Chinese market experienced an extreme decrease.

So, will the reopening of their online platform stores bring the brand back to its former glory? Judging from the sales volume of its flagship store, it is very difficult. After all, many consumers already know what he has done. As a brand that does not respect China, the Chinese market will certainly not tolerate his existence.

As the Internet becomes more and more developed, ordinary people are very familiar with what these foreign brands do. As domestic brands continue to rise, consumers have many brands to choose from when purchasing goods. Yes, you don’t have to choose these brands that are disrespectful to our country. Therefore, it is not an easy matter to return to the domestic consumer market.

After losing Chinese consumers, these brands cannot survive in China for too long. Some brands want to continue to survive in our country and have reviewed their mistakes, but not all consumers will pay for their actions.

Therefore, when these foreign brands operate in the country, they need to pay attention to a lot of things and cannot do whatever they want. After all, our country’s strength is constantly increasing, and domestic consumers have more diverse choices, even if they do not buy products from these brands. , and also be able to make your life run normally. But once these brands lose the support of Chinese consumers, it may have a fatal impact.

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