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The popularity of Frisbee sports has emerged. Does it contain new clothing category opportunities?

Nowadays, young people play script-killing games at gatherings? You are out! Today I give you Amway, the hottest social movement among young people at the moment ⬇ Frisbee More and…

Nowadays, young people play script-killing games at gatherings? You are out!

Today I give you Amway, the hottest social movement among young people at the moment ⬇


More and more people are starting to exercise

Sorting out parts of the same style

On the occasion of National Fitness Day, yesterday iResearch released the “White Paper on Sports Development of Young People in China in 2022”. The report mentioned that by 2025, the total construction scale of China’s sports industry is expected to reach 5 trillion. More and more young people are beginning to pay attention to daily exercise and health management, and nearly 95% of them exercise more than once a week.

People’s enthusiasm for sports continues to increase, and maintaining good exercise habits has become a normal life for young people.

At the same time, people are pursuing sports professionalism more. Fitness enthusiasts spend as much as 5,205 yuan per person on fitness every year, and 62.7% of people have continued to increase their consumption of fitness sports in the past five years. And improve your professionalism by paying attention to fitness techniques, fitness clothing, fitness equipment and other related information.

Compared with the past, young people’s sports methods now show a trend of professionalization, leisure and experience. Among them, the most popular outdoor fitness sport this year is Frisbee.

According to the “2022 Young People’s Trendy Sports Report”, Frisbee has surpassed sports such as skateboarding and cycling to become the most popular trendy sport among young people. The number of relevant notes on Xiaohongshu is as high as 430,000+, and more and more people are addicted to Frisbee.

What is Frisbee?

An open space, a Frisbee, and a dozen people, this is all the configuration required for the sport of Frisbee.

There are many ways to play Frisbee. Among them, because it is not limited by venue or number of people, the most popular and participated game among young people is ultimate Frisbee, also called team Frisbee.

There is no referee, a mixed-gender competition system, the game is divided into two teams, and there are zones on both sides of the field. When the players of both teams successfully catch the Frisbee in the opponent’s scoring area, it will be scored, and the thrower of the Frisbee cannot move. If the player makes a mistake, the “disc rights” will be exchanged. The game time is 100 minutes, the first to score 15 points wins.

This outdoor sport originated in the United States, because it has a low threshold for participation, is sociable and interesting, can not only keep fit and relieve stress, but also expand social circles. It is highly sought after by young people in the new era and has become popular all over the country.

Compared with sports such as football, Frisbee does not require a lot of running and avoids physical contact as much as possible, thus attracting a large number of young women to participate.

On social platforms such as Xiaohongshu, female players have posted photos of themselves wearing yoga pants and tights while exercising. Amway Frisbee Sports also shared a wave of outfits, and yoga pants have dominated social media.

Although there are still many controversies about Frisbee, “Frisbee Yuan” and “High-end Blind Date Game”, as the popularity of Frisbee continues to increase, yoga pants have become the biggest winner.

The brand Lululemon has repeatedly appeared in major Frisbee competitions by sponsoring Frisbee clubs and cooperating with top KOLs to increase brand exposure. On the other hand, Lululemon’s sports bras, yoga pants and other equipment have been promoted as Frisbee “middle class” A must-have for gamers, sales of yoga pants have increased significantly.

In July this year, Lululemon surpassed Adidas with a market value of US$37.4 billion and rose to the second place among global sports brands, second only to Nike. This performance breaks the market value ranking of international sports brands for many years, with Nike first and Adidas second.

In recent years, the concept of “light exercise” has emerged. Yoga pants are no longer limited to the small circle of yoga sports wear and have begun to move towards the mainstream. In addition to its original use in gyms and yoga studios, it is also used by female users in daily wear and appears in different social situations.

Behind this is the rise of female consumers’ psychology of “pleasing their own consumption”. Showing the concepts of female confidence, healthy living, sports and social interaction, wearing yoga pants for shopping and commuting has become a way for women to express themselves in the new era.

Professional sportswear, sports socialization, and wearing scenes are increasing… Yoga consumption is growing significantly, but this does not mean that the yoga pants business is easy to do.

Adidas, Nike, Li-Ning, and more and more big-name sports brands are entering the yoga pants market. In addition, there are a large number of emerging yoga clothing brands on Taobao, and high-quality and low-priced yoga pants are everywhere.

Yoga pants are an extremely standardized category with very low entry barriers. The sales growth of this category mainly comes from increased demand and head-end marketing exposure. It is a typical standard product competition model…

As yoga pants with extremely standardized functions, this wave of flying discs has attracted a lot of attention.Will the �� craze create a new sports brand of yoga pants? There is a lot of uncertainty…

If we look at the underlying nature of certainty, the deterministic matching of consumer demand and product supply mainly has two dimensions: 1 is the matching of demand attributes, and 2 is the matching of demand quantity.

Frisbee sports will drive an increase in demand for yoga pants.

However, in the face of competition from many merchants, the category of yoga pants has no traffic threshold, and the demand attributes are too standardized. The demand for yoga pants has already been diluted by countless merchants, so the increase in demand belongs to all merchants and is difficult to concentrate. A single brand comes up…

There is no absolute leader across the country, and large-scale direct-operated brands have not yet appeared. However, there are local leaders in various local regions, and the entire market is highly fragmented. Relatively well-known chain brands in the industry are mainly concentrated in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. However, brand competition in first-tier cities is fierce, the market is becoming saturated, industry competition barriers are high, and it is difficult for new brands to enter the market. In addition, the epidemic has accelerated the reshuffle of the industry. Many small-scale and insufficiently standardized yoga studios have closed down due to problems such as capital flow and operational capabilities. This has resulted in a large number of yoga members in the market waiting to be taken over and many blank areas waiting to be filled. In the future, market concentration will further increase, leading companies will begin to take advantage of scale or innovation, and brand effects will further expand.

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