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Li Ning opens its first urban customization store and debuts its “intelligent conveyor belt system”

Recently, China Li-Ning’s first urban customized store officially opened in Xidan, Beijing. Ms. Lei Ming, general manager of Li-Ning’s retail business unit in North Chi…

Recently, China Li-Ning’s first urban customized store officially opened in Xidan, Beijing. Ms. Lei Ming, general manager of Li-Ning’s retail business unit in North China, Mr. Xu Xiaotong, director of China Li-Ning’s business department, and Mr. Liu Shiquan, sales director of Juntai Department Store, Ms. Huang Xue came to the scene in person to witness the grand unveiling ceremony.

“China Li-Ning City Customized Store – Beijing·Xidan Juntai” adheres to Li-Ning’s sports genes, uses a pioneering attitude to reveal Chinese culture and urban elements in the context of sports trends, and renews the multi-dimensional aspects of sports, products and purchases. Experience brings consumers a new sense of touch and cutting-edge perspective, using innovative retail stores as a carrier to present the original design and unique attitude of China Lining.

The brand’s first urban customized store

“China Li-Ning City Customized Store—Beijing Xidan Juntai” is located in Xidan, the core business district of Beijing. As one of the earliest fashion trend gathering places in Beijing, its pioneering characteristics blend with the surrounding historical and cultural environment and are diverse. The new cultural vitality generated by the collision of the , inclusive urban characteristics with a thousand-year historical foundation shows rich colors and different vitality, which coincides with the cultural proposition contained in China Lining.

The store uses gray as the main color, using Beijing’s retro brick walls as the carrier of city imprints and brand symbols, and integrating elements such as the Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, Li Ning’s classic product 001 series and technology platform “䨻” to present a sports trend perspective The oriental charm uses space to narrate culture, integrating Beijing’s urban characteristics, local culture, product experience, and purchasing experience. With the opening of its first urban customized store, China Li-Ning also launched a limited series of China Li-Ning Boring Ape City limited series clothing incorporating the “BEIJING” pattern, combining the Boring Ape City exploration trip with Beijing and its stores.

For a long time, Li Ning has continuously deepened the implementation of the “single brand, multi-category, multi-channel” strategy and continued to strengthen its “muscular corporate constitution” by improving operating efficiency. In recent years, Li Ning has continued to implement new retail strategies and actively promoted the development of high-quality channels. Among them, as a sports trend category under the professional sports brand Li-Ning, China Li-Ning is committed to innovatively combining sports genes with Chinese culture and trends. China’s rich urban culture has become one of the sources of inspiration for China Li-Ning and a key word in the layout process of China Li-Ning’s stores.

The development of customized stores in cities demonstrates the differentiated positioning and retail strategy of the Li-Ning brand for China Li-Ning. In key cities, through urban customized stores, we conduct in-depth exploration and interpretation of Chinese culture and urban DNA elements, communicate and interact with consumers more deeply, convey China Lining’s original design and unique attitude, and show Lining that “everything is possible” brand spirit.

The first “intelligent conveyor system”

Li-Ning has always been consumer-oriented, focusing on the three dimensions of product experience, sports experience, and purchase experience, and constantly polishing Li-Ning’s experience value. This time, China’s Li-Ning’s first urban customized store has brought a new upgrade to “Li-Ning-style experience value”.

“China Li-Ning City Customized Store – Beijing Xidan Juntai” added the “intelligent conveyor belt system” to the store for the first time. A 30-meter-long red conveyor belt runs through the entire site, “carrying” specially customized intelligent conveyor boxes for Consumers “deliver” goods.

The transfer box has a built-in smart chip, which can be charged automatically and perfectly cooperates with the “track”. After the consumer successfully places an order, the desired product can be dispatched directly from the warehouse, and the “smart delivery car” will be transported along the Rail, when it comes to consumers, the entire transmission process only takes 1 minute and 15 seconds. The application of smart conveyor belts not only reduces the traditional laborious and time-consuming manual rush to pick up goods, but also adds a sense of technological future, making the shopping experience more convenient, faster and more interesting.

“China Li-Ning City Customized Store – Beijing Xidan Juntai” also opened a club-themed VIP room for the first time, focusing on creating a community atmosphere and creating interesting and novel social occasions for sports trend enthusiasts. In addition, the store will also organize member-exclusive WORKSHOP from time to time to let consumers understand the brand concept and culture, and enhance interactive communication with consumers.

In the future, China Lining will continue to explore the unique cultural charm of different cities, seize opportunities for the collision and integration of brands and different urban elements, and create exclusive memories in the urban texture for consumers by integrating spatial aesthetics, city-limited products, etc. Holding store community activities by taking root in urban culture, innovatively applying convenient and intelligent technology to stores, Li Ning continues to strengthen interactive communication with consumers, enhance consumer experience, and convey brand attitude and warmth.

Some people in the industry believe that “China Li-Ning City Customized Store—Beijing·Xidan Juntai” not only injects new sports trend vitality into Beijing, but also helps to create a city landmark of China Li-Ning, and also demonstrates Li-Ning’s leadership in retail. The active development in exploration has shown the industry new ideas for store innovation and consumer experience upgrading.

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