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The industry was reshuffled, and Vietnamese orders plummeted in August! Is Vietnam no longer good?

It is reported that against the background of economic uncertainty sweeping the world, workers at Samsung factories in Vietnam, a manufacturing hub, have begun to run out of work. …

It is reported that against the background of economic uncertainty sweeping the world, workers at Samsung factories in Vietnam, a manufacturing hub, have begun to run out of work.

There is a worker who has been working in Vietnam for many years. He has been very depressed recently. The glory in the first half of the year disappeared too quickly and suddenly. He said that it is really difficult to accept that the reversal came so quickly. The following is his self-report:

2022 is also an extraordinary year for Vietnam! It’s hard to work part-time, but it’s even harder to be a boss! It is difficult to return to the country, and it is also difficult to stay because renewing the visa is so difficult! I believe people who have been in Vietnam recently have deeply felt that in order to get a visa and continue to stay in Vietnam, some people even fake marriages just to get a five-year visa exemption.

Therefore, there is really no such thing as easy in the adult world!

Starting from August, there were suddenly and inexplicably more factories in the surrounding areas having long holidays, so many compatriots were forced to return home!

However, I am very confused. What happened in these short few months? !

I still remember that at the beginning of this year, orders were overwhelming! We were really reluctant to accept orders. At that time, every factory was full of confidence. Everyone was scrambling for workers and were busy expanding and increasing production capacity.

But as for employees, their demands have suddenly become higher. Not only do they actively ask for salary increases, but they also resort to doing work at every turn! So tired! Then major factories also took the initiative to raise their basic wages, but they still couldn’t fill orders, and temporary workers were transferred from the north and there were still not enough manpower!

Binh Duong is the province with the highest wages in Vietnam, but starting from April to May, the market suddenly took a 180-degree turn! Caught off guard!

Against the background of global inflation, the end consumer market has shrunk severely, and many factories have begun to lack orders, so holidays, furloughs, and even layoffs have begun everywhere! In fact, from Vietnam, when the epidemic was at its worst last year, our business activities were more active, but now it looks even more depressed!

Obviously, this year’s situation is far more serious than last year’s epidemic period!

If the company has no orders, its employees will not work overtime, and its income will drop significantly! As a result, there are more cases of bag snatching on motorcycles on the road, and there are also more cases of valuables being stolen. Society began to be in turmoil…

Our only hope now is that everything will be fine if we can go to work normally and make a living!

Just recently, a shoe factory in Haiphong, Vietnam, suddenly laid off more than 600 employees, including many pregnant and lactating female workers.

Everyone around us was very surprised: Why did this cold winter come so quickly and suddenly?

Many employees also received sudden notifications when they were at work, and the reason given by the company was that there were no orders and the company could not continue to arrange work for employees. For example, the famous Samsung Group mentioned at the beginning has also announced in the past few days that it has lowered the company’s annual production targets. However, in fact, the factory has already implemented a four-day holiday and three days off to reduce production capacity.

Now all industries are the same, not only clothing, shoes, and even the electronics industry, etc. The most ironic thing is that starting from July 1 this year, Vietnam has also raised the regional minimum wage standard by an average of 6%.

This sudden big reshuffle really leaves us all at a loss…

Many of my friends have actually not returned to China for three years, but this forced vacation seems to have no end, because some companies directly ask us to go back to our early years!

It’s really hard to earn money this year, which has led to more poor families, more bankrupt bosses, and more individuals who have broken their trust!

He said, as an ordinary citizen, I just hope that the epidemic will end soon, the world’s turmoil can be alleviated, and the economy can recover quickly! Because this is really related to the livelihood of all us ordinary people at the bottom!

Under the global economic depression, almost all industries were reshuffled this year almost instantly.

In the first half of the year, everyone has been hating Vietnam, hating that many domestic orders were taken away by Vietnam, although it is undeniable that some orders did go there. However, starting in the second half of the year, the problem of low global demand became more and more serious. As a result, not only domestic factories were devastated and there was no hope, but the same was true for neighboring countries now!

Winter is coming again, and a colder wind is blowing again. Bosses, are you prepared to resist the cold and winter?

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