Popular yarn | Imitation cotton: Each has its own attitude, weave “new patterns”!

Cotton-like exact Generally speaking, it should be imitation silk cotton, or it can also be said to be chemical fiber cotton. Imitation silk cotton is a relatively high-end variety…

Cotton-like exact Generally speaking, it should be imitation silk cotton, or it can also be said to be chemical fiber cotton. Imitation silk cotton is a relatively high-end variety among spray-coated cotton products. People are also accustomed to calling it “silk cotton” in the market. There is an essential difference between “silk cotton” and “cotton” and “silk cotton”. Silk cotton is also a very good thermal insulation material that can replace down and plant cotton as clothing filling.

In real life, imitation cotton has the following Several types:

01 soft cotton, loose cotton, glue-free cotton

Soft feel, good rebound, breathability Strong and washable, it is mainly suitable for cold-proof clothing, sleeping bags, bedding, sofas, air filtration, etc.

02 imitation silk cotton, down cotton, washed cotton

It feels soft and delicate, and has strong washability. It is mainly suitable for mid-to-high-end cold-proof clothing, sofas, bedding, etc.

03 filling cotton, pearl cotton

It has a soft and smooth feel, strong resilience and good breathability. It is mainly suitable for various types of sofa pillows, cushions, toy fillings, etc.

04 hot melt wadding

It has soft hand feel, excellent warmth retention and strong breathability. It is mainly suitable for cotton clothing.

05 rigid cotton

Its advantages are: environmental protection, strong elasticity, no glue, high temperature and sterilization treatment, replacing traditional cotton products and sponges, and is a new product for mattresses and cushion accessories.

Which one is better, imitation cotton or pure cotton?

Imitation cotton is generally used as filler in various types of clothing, and is rarely directly made into textiles. There are many cheap socks on the market, most of which are made of imitation cotton. Imitation cotton will take a long time to Pilling. Compared with pure cotton, imitation cotton is cheaper.

As for which one is better, because imitation cotton is mostly used as filling cotton and is generally invisible, while pure cotton is generally used for surface clothing. , visible and tangible. So it depends on the specific application. As far as clothing is concerned, pure cotton is of course better.

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