Popular yarn | Slub cotton’s unique appearance and novel cotton fabric!

Slub cotton is a relatively new cotton fabric. Its appearance is very similar to linen fabric, and it has a very heavy sense of vicissitudes. It is precisely because of this charac…

Slub cotton is a relatively new cotton fabric. Its appearance is very similar to linen fabric, and it has a very heavy sense of vicissitudes. It is precisely because of this characteristic that it is loved by the majority of users.

Since the cotton fabric has regular yarn drawing and picking during the yarn weaving process, it will form a texture similar to bamboo during the weaving process, so it is called slub cotton. Slub cotton is mainly due to the difference in textile technology. The fabric forms a slub texture, which makes the fabric very breathable and sweat-absorbent. This kind of fabric is widely used in the production of summer T-shirts!

Slub cotton Cotton is more expensive than ordinary cotton fabrics. There are thick and thin fabrics. Most of them are not washed. Washed slub cotton is the top grade with better texture. Cotton fabric is made of cotton as raw material and produced through textile technology. It has the characteristics of moisture absorption, moisturizing, heat resistance, alkali resistance, softness, high breathability, stretch resistance, and hygiene.

Advantages of slub cotton fabric:

1. Generally, cotton fabrics have a very soft hand feel. Of course, slub cotton also fully inherits this advantage of cotton fabrics.

2. Bamboo cotton has the characteristics of breathability and sweat absorption, which is also the characteristic of pure cotton.

3. Since the yarns of cotton fabrics are not very tough, the yarns will break during the wearing process, and they will have separated from the clothes before forming hair balls. , so slub cotton fabric will not pill!

Disadvantages of slub cotton fabric:

1. Cotton fabrics generally have little elasticity, so cotton fabrics will deform after being worn for a long time.

2. It is not wear-resistant. It is for this reason that the slub fabric will not pill. At the same time, the fabric will become more and more loose as time goes by. The thinner it gets, the smoother it gets.

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