Big-belly Yarns, did you know?

What is the difference between pot belly yarn and slub yarn? Big belly yarn and slub yarn The basic difference is the thickness gap between the slub yarn and the base yarn. The slu…

What is the difference between pot belly yarn and slub yarn?

Big belly yarn and slub yarn The basic difference is the thickness gap between the slub yarn and the base yarn. The slub yarn is generally within 5 times thicker than the base yarn, and most slubs are controlled within 2 times. Therefore, in the whole yarn, the slubs disappear and appear less obvious. When used, a yarn with the same density as the base yarn is often used after plying and twisting; while the big belly yarn is between the big belly and the base yarn. The ratio is more than 5 times, sometimes even more than 10 times, so the potbelly is very obvious. Another difference is: slub yarn requires the thick section to be very short and the base yarn to be very long, generally no more than two slubs per meter; while big belly yarn sometimes has a larger belly than a slender one. The belly has less twist and is prone to hairiness, so it is often wrapped with a thinner filament or other short fiber yarn when used. Sometimes it is wrapped with left and right twists, that is, one twist is left and the other is twisted right; Sometimes it is even wrapped with a layer of outer casing on the syringe machine to increase its strength so that it is not easy to get hair on the belly during dyeing. This method of wrapping wire cannot be twisted on an ordinary ring twisting machine, because when twisting with a ring twisting machine, the twist is concentrated in the details, and the thick parts of the belly cannot be wrapped with twist, so the twist is added Hollow spindle twisting machines or wrapping machines are often used for yarn production.

Big belly yarn

Slub yarn

Causes of belly yarn

(1) Equal length The fibers are concentrated but not stretched to form bundles;

(2) The fibers are sticky and tangled, and cannot be stretched when combed;

(3) Insufficient pressure on the front roller;

(4) The middle friction boundary is too strong and the control force is too large;

(5) The top roller is too thin or cracked, loses elasticity, etc.

Big belly yarn spinning method and equipment

1. Spinning machine produces big belly yarn

Equipment: spinning frame

Method: Use the electromagnetic clutch to stop the front roller, so that the fibers sent by the middle and rear rollers accumulate behind the front roller. When the clutch is closed, the accumulated fibers are taken away to form a big belly

Disadvantages: Limited by the traveler and package, it cannot be spun too thick. The average count is about 6 inches (97tex). It is difficult to pass through the too large traveler

Suitable for producing smaller belly yarns

2. Roving frame produces big belly yarn

Equipment: Wool spinning B465 roving frame

Method: Use the middle and rear rollers to overfeed production, and the premenstrual roller The output meets the core wire and then enters the hollow spindle rod to add the envelope wire.

  • Reinforcement yarn:

Make the big belly yarn pass through two rows of hollow spindle tubes on the wrapping machine To form a package of yarn, each of the two rows of hollow spindle tubes has a wrapping tube, and the two rows of hollow spindle tubes turn in opposite directions, so that the two consolidation yarns can be wrapped on the big belly yarn at the same time with S twist and Z twist, so that It is formed at one time, but the original twist of the roving cannot be lost.

Disadvantage: hard feel

  • Use a fancy twisting machine that combines hollow spindles and ring spindles to strengthen the knotted yarn

Method: The original roving has 40 twist/mS direction, add 80 twist/mZ direction for the first time, and then wrap the hollow spindle with 80 The twist makes the consolidation yarn have 80 twist/mS direction, while the roving itself has only 40 twist/mS direction. The second time, the same method is used to add 40 twist/mZ direction, so that the original 80 twist/mS is reduced by 40 twists and there is still 40 twist/mS, while the roving itself is completely withdrawn with 40 twist/mS, which is exactly zero twist. At the same time, the hollow spindle is The consolidating yarn is added with 40 twist/m in Z direction, so that the surface of the big belly yarn is cross-wrapped with two consolidating yarns with 40 twist/m in opposite twist directions.

Advantages: good fluffiness, soft feel

big belly yarn Spinning raw materials

Pure cotton, pure acrylic, pure polyester, polyester-cotton blend, nylon-nitrile blend, cotton-nitrile blend, wool-acrylic polyester blend, cotton Acrylic polyester blend, etc. The raw materials are mainly wool and acrylic long fibers.

Poly belly yarn application

Wearability: The fabric woven from this yarn has a protruding pattern and a strong three-dimensional effect. Generally used in knitting and machine weaving such as towels, sweaters, scarves, etc.

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