What are the more common autumn and winter clothing fabrics?

Autumn has entered and winter will soon arrive. The clothes we wear are becoming thicker and thicker for better warmth. Autumn and winter clothing also have great requirements for …

Autumn has entered and winter will soon arrive. The clothes we wear are becoming thicker and thicker for better warmth. Autumn and winter clothing also have great requirements for fabrics. For example, linen fabrics are more suitable for the production of summer clothing. So what are the fabrics for autumn and winter clothing? In response to this problem, I will introduce to you some common autumn and winter clothing fabrics.

Autumn and winter clothing fabrics are generally warm-keeping properties, so you can compare them from the coats we usually wear. Generally, there are wool fabrics, including pure wool and wool and wool. These four types of fabrics blended with other fibers (wool-polyester, wool-cotton blends, etc.) have better thermal insulation properties, so people generally prefer clothes made of these four types of fabrics when buying coats.

In addition to wool-like mixed fabrics, the pure cotton clothes we usually wear also have very good thermal insulation properties. In addition to clothes, the quilts covering our homes are also made of Made of cotton fabrics. In addition to down jackets or cotton-padded jackets worn in winter, the fabrics are mainly down cotton. The most popular sweatshirts in autumn and winter are mostly made of cotton and polyester mixed clothing fabrics, generally called This fabric is polycotton.

In short, no matter what kind of material the clothes we wear are made of, the main characteristics of autumn and winter clothing materials are to keep warm and not to pill. Therefore, autumn and winter clothing fabrics are mainly wool or down cotton, and of course there are also some wool materials mixed with polyester.

In autumn and winter, when buying clothes, in addition to looking at the fabric, you must also pay attention to the proportion of each component of the fabric in the clothing. For example, clothes with a higher cotton content will definitely have better warmth than clothes with a lower cotton content. In fact, autumn and winter clothing fabrics are just the above. We will not explain other new materials one by one here.

Of course, there are also pure cotton, wool, cashmere and other autumn and winter fabrics for sale. Friends who want to know more about product parameters and fabric prices can search for relevant keywords in the mall of Hall 3 to learn more.


Author: clsrich