Flame retardant fabric_Flame retardant fabric_Cotton flame retardant fabric_Flame retardant fabric information platform Flame-retardant Fabric News A Vietnamese businessman ordered 1.2 million meters of fabric online! Textile companies “go overseas” to grab orders, taking the lead in the home textile market!

A Vietnamese businessman ordered 1.2 million meters of fabric online! Textile companies “go overseas” to grab orders, taking the lead in the home textile market!

Last year, affected by the economic downturn and external market uncertainty, my country’s home textile exports declined slightly, and the export of home products such as bed…

Last year, affected by the economic downturn and external market uncertainty, my country’s home textile exports declined slightly, and the export of home products such as bedding and curtains declined. However, the industry as a whole maintained stable development. With the rapid increase in overseas business contacts of home textile companies in the new year, companies and international exhibitions have “intimate reunions”, orders have increased significantly, and production workshops have also become busy.

Tongxiang home textile companies “go overseas” to grab orders:

A Vietnamese businessman ordered 1.2 million meters of fabric online

“This batch of orders has just been delivered, and new orders have come to our door again.” On the 16th, Jin Pingqiang, the person in charge of Tongxiang Xinbaolai Textile Co., Ltd., confided to reporters “the troubles of happiness”, from Frankfurt International Home and Commercial Textiles in Germany. Less than a month after the exhibition ended, in addition to grabbing more than 400,000 US dollars in sofa fabric orders, he currently has accumulated orders until April.

Tongxiang Cannabis Town, where Jin Pingqiang is located, is a national sofa fabric industry cluster. More than 80% of the companies’ products are supplied to foreign countries, and the industry is highly dependent on export. During the three years of the epidemic, many companies were forced to stop participating in overseas exhibitions. Now, a group of new generation entrepreneurs have formed an “overseas” order grabbing team, bringing hundreds of new sofa products to Frankfurt International Home and Commercial At the textile exhibition, orders of US$1.4 million were signed on-site, and intended orders exceeded US$3 million.

You can’t sit at home and wait for the order to come. Jin Pingqiang, who was born in 1985, is the vice president of the New Enterprise Federation of Marijuana Town. Unlike his father’s generation of entrepreneurs, they are not only entrepreneurial but also good at research. In order not to leave this exhibition empty-handed, Jin Pingqiang prepared more than 70 new sofa fabrics one month before the exhibition and sent them to Germany in advance.

However, the market was changing rapidly. A few days before departure, Jin Pingqiang learned that overseas customers preferred soft-touch chenille woven fabrics. He stepped up research and development, took the samples with him, and flew to Germany together. In the end, this product was very popular at the exhibition, and a Mexican businessman placed an order of 100,000 meters on the spot.

“A meeting is worth a thousand emails. Orders are made through face-to-face talks.” Yao Zhenyu is the general manager of Tongxiang Tenghui Textile Co., Ltd. After returning from this exhibition, his voice was full of surprise: “Old customers came to the exhibition site to see After our new product, we felt at ease and gained many new customers.”

Yao Zhenyu, who was born in the 1980s, has many years of foreign trade experience. During the window period blocked by the epidemic, he did not stop at all. Instead, he cooperated with foreign design companies to expand the online market and arranged 4 hours a day to do live broadcasts to bring goods, which attracted a lot of people. A large number of overseas merchants, and then through consumption big data analysis, he paid attention to the fashion trends in the foreign sofa fabric market, and in one fell swoop, the number of online orders reached the top three in the textile fabric category on the platform.

Opportunity favors the prepared. In order to give customers more choices, he launched products suitable for both outdoor and indoor scenes. As soon as he finished speaking, he picked up a piece of liquid acrylic high-performance fabric in his hand. This fabric has a sun exposure index of up to 2,000 hours and can achieve long-lasting antibacterial effects. It is very popular in the market. “The cotton and linen fabrics we developed are also very popular. A Vietnamese businessman ordered 1.2 million meters of fabric on the online platform after participating in the exhibition.”

The “trouble of happiness” also stems from the company’s continuous innovation. At this German exhibition, Zhejiang Yaya Textile Co., Ltd. gained a lot. Xu Haijie, a new generation entrepreneur born in the 1990s, and his team developed a sofa with a sheep’s wool feel and received an order of 200,000 meters. In early February, another 1.7 million meters of sofa production orders were received, an increase of 20% year-on-year.

When orders come in, production capacity cannot be held back. In the company’s modern production workshop, the modern production line built by Xu Haijie with an investment of 2 million yuan is running at full capacity. The warp knitting machines imported from Germany are neatly arranged and produce 100,000 meters of sand release every day, ensuring that orders are delivered on schedule.

Home Textile “Spring River Plumbing Duck Prophet”

Market recovery boosts confidence

“New consumer demand will be released after the epidemic, and the booming home textile industry is back.” Many home textile people are full of hope for 2023 and call it the year of take-off after recovery.

According to statistics from the Home Textile Branch of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textiles, my country’s home textile exports will be US$33.1 billion in 2022, a year-on-year decrease of 3.7%. Compared with the national textile and apparel export growth of 2.7% and clothing export growth of 3.2%, the performance of home textile exports was weak, but the exports throughout the year were still at a historically high level, achieving a greater improvement than before the epidemic.

Analysis by the Home Textile Branch of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textiles believes that my country’s home textile foreign trade exports will stabilize at a relatively high export scale in 2022 and quickly adapt to changes in global consumption trends.The advantages of the industry chain are highlighted, and the process of market diversification is further improved, laying a solid foundation for the industry to “stabilize scale and optimize structure” in the future.

Standing at the starting line of a new round of competition, how can home textile companies achieve more quality growth?

During the interview, the reporter learned that since entering 2023, many home textile brands have combined their own characteristics and advantages in research and development, technology, etc. to deepen their brand strength and create new products with higher quality. This is a good start.

Just after the Spring Festival, Shandong Linyi Donglong Home Textile Co., Ltd. successfully passed the international brand “MUJI” supply standard acceptance certification. Donglong Home Textiles has successfully entered the Japanese and Korean markets with its first-class quality and excellent quality.

“At present, the order volume has been fully booked for the whole year.” Zhou Qin, general manager of Donglong Home Textiles, said that the company attaches great importance to the research and development of high-end products. This year, it will establish a high-end product research and development center and introduce 12 top R&D personnel in the industry. It is expected that this year it will increase the output value by about 350 million yuan. ”

“With the recovery of the economy, especially the strong recovery of the tourism industry, the carpet market will also recover quickly.” Du Pingji said that in 2023, Haima Carpet will seize opportunities and take advantage of the momentum to promote high-quality development of the enterprise and strive to achieve full-year All major economic indicators increased by more than 50% year-on-year.

“We are full of confidence in the development prospects of the company in 2023.” Zhang Shuhua, chairman of Aiscon (Sanhe) Health Technology Co., Ltd., said that 2023 is Aiscon’s “technological development year”, and Aiscon will make a comprehensive layout, starting from diversified We will start from a new perspective of diversification, scale, and systematization, comprehensively study, catch up with, and even surpass advanced science and technology, and introduce and create a window for high-quality development of high technology, new products, new concepts, and new knowledge.

Chen Shijun, general manager of Hunan Yajie Textile Co., Ltd., said that the company’s key tasks in 2023 are to implement the company’s “three-year” development plan, establish a guidance mechanism based on “performance and contribution to judge heroes”, build a core management team, and build a The industry-leading core competitiveness has continuously increased brand awareness and market share. We have established a training system within the company that closely follows the company’s development, strengthened informatization construction, improved internal management processes, promoted management efficiency, strengthened financial operation control, and formed Have a system for innovative corporate culture and create a positive corporate atmosphere.

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